This conference aspires to constitute an important act of extroversion for the YMCA of Thessaloniki, creating a forum for voluntary organizations to meet and collaborate around volunteering in the 21st century and future challenges for civil society. 


The YMCA envisions, designs, and innovates, with eyes set firmly on the challenges of tomorrow.


Volunteering and civil society in the challenges of tomorrow

Thematic axis: the UN’s 17 goals of sustainable development 

The power of active citizens, society, volunteer organizations working for society and for sustainable development in the next 100 years. How do new challenges shape volunteer organizations’ focus and mode(s) of action?

  • Europe: young people & the future of volunteer organizations/NGOs
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • The Digital Era
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities
  • Justice & Gender Equality
  • The Refugee Crisis


  • Speakers to Inspire: illustrious guest speakers
  • Speakers to Benchmark: representatives of volunteer organizations with important achievements in their respective areas


  • Community Participants: representatives of volunteer organizations from Greece; mostly from the regions of Macedonia and Thrace
  • YMCA Volunteers & Members

Format of each thematic unit:

  • Speeches
  • Case studies
  • Debate – Discussion
  • Performance acts