One century of YMCA Thessaloniki
100 years together, together as one

an anniversary linked to Thessaloniki’s civil society

In 2021, the YMCA of Thessaloniki completes 100 years since its founding; a century of action and of contribution to people, society and the city.  

On the occasion of this anniversary, we celebrate one hundred years of innovation, collaboration, and contribution against the backdrop of history and with our sights set on the future. We highlight the milestones, values and moments that defined the YMCA’s trajectory and forged its people. We remember the future, we chart the present and we envisage YMCA Thessaloniki facing the challenges of the future, planning the next one hundred years.

The centennial’s symbolic message – Together as one marks a historical trajectory that spans one (1) century while underscoring the essence and the significance of the ideals that YMCA Thessaloniki has been promoting all these years.

One century of YMCA Thessaloniki.
One hundred years of innovation, collaboration, contribution.
One hundred years against the backdrop of history, with sights set on the future.
One hundred years together; together as one. 

One with YMCA Thessaloniki.
One with people, one with society.   
One with the city, one with the world.
One with sport, with camping, with volunteering, with creativity, with culture.

Together as one. With the team, with the collaboration it brings, and with personal growth.


In the context of this celebration, in addition to a strong communication campaign, a series of festivities and social projects are in the works. These start in September, the birth month of the YMCA Thessaloniki, with emblematic, extraverted events targeting the general public. Each is directly linked to the pillars of action, the programs, and the people who represent YMCA Thessaloniki and its national and international reach. Also planned are individual actions of immediate social value. The development of the pandemic and its surrounding circumstances will be the deciding factor on whether the initial, tentative plans for the festivities will be adapted or rescheduled as needed.  

As noted by YMCA President, Ioannis Sossidis, “This is a program of events by the YMCA and its volunteers, for the city, for society and for people. These events will carry the message of our celebration through the ideals and the values we have been advocating for 100 years.”

The President of the Centennial Committee, Vicky Papadimitriou, added, “we have designed a celebration around the following key pillars: the anniversary, the history and the future. In this way, the centennial milestone inspires us to reminisce as well as reflect and rethink, so we can envisage and plan our next 100 years of contribution to civil society – always with the same values, always with people at its core, always together.”

Delineating the role and the contribution of YMCA Thessaloniki to shaping civil society in Thessaloniki and further afield for the past century, its anniversary becomes a landmark not only for YMCA Thessaloniki but for the city in itself; a reason to celebrate and to rethink volunteering and social contribution in the city.


pillars of the events/actions program  

*for most of the actions, planning includes the potential to stream online, in hybrid format, or to adapt based on the development of the pandemic and conditions at the time. The duration of the program could be extended into 2022, subject to the pandemic.

**more details about each individual event will be announced in due time, in the lead up to their date.


central events

The main program of the celebration of the 100 years of YMCA Thessaloniki will be based on three main pillars: the celebration, the history and the future.  



A series of celebratory events will mark the YMCA Thessaloniki birthday week (August 30 to September 5), leading up to the birthday (the day of signing of the founding document – September 2, 1921) with music, arts and cinema events in the YMCA building and around it, as well as with the presentation of the publication of the Historical Album commemorating the anniversary, and the creation of the new Records and Research Center. This celebratory week will culminate in a celebration-presentation of YMCA Thessaloniki programs to the general public, which will at the same time showcase those values which are crucial to tomorrow’s civil society.


the history & the future

Two principal events are planned for the months of Οctober and November, in two different directions: a scientific conference tracing YMCA Thessaloniki’s history in conjunction with the city in the first four decades of the 20th century, and an international forum featuring speakers invited from Greece and abroad, with the participation of volunteer organizations from the regions of Macedonia and Thrace, on the topic of volunteering in the 21st century and future challenges for civil society, approached through the lens of UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.


department actions

Additionally, every pillar of action presents current-day YMCA Thessaloniki (Sport & Wellbeing, Camping & the Environment, Education & Culture, Nursery & Kindergarten, People & Society, Folklore Dance Group, the Kalamaria & Asvestochori Branches, International Relations & Executive Training, Basketball Museum), and contributes to the celebration with distinct contributions.

Aiming at bringing to the fore the dynamic range of programs and YMCA Thessaloniki’s social contribution, the individual departments thematically link their object of focus to the celebrations for the 100 years, presenting more than 100 actions inspired by the YMCA Thessaloniki principles and values, as well as its areas of activity.   


100 social actions for YMCA Thessaloniki’s 100 years

In the context of the celebration and of the annual planning of the YMCA of Thessaloniki, of its departments and volunteers, 100 actions of social value are planned, with the goal of highlighting the primary value and principle of the YMCA: volunteering, contributing and directly participating in society.





Ioannis Sossidis, President
Dimitrios Gkanakis, First Vice President
Michael Kalfidis, Second Vice President
Vasileia Tsikina, Secretary General
Nikolaos Logothetis, Treasurer
Executive Committee Members: Georgios Goulielmos, Panagiotis Petras

Governing Council Members: Alexia Aidona, Eleni Athanasiadou, Ioannis Voucharas, Georgia (Giouli) Vrochidou, Evangelos Galousis, Eva Lada, Nikolaos Lamprou, Athanasios Mavroulis, Dimitrios Mitsopoulos, Vasileia Nezi, Evangelos Ntinopoulos, Athanasia Panti, Konstantinos Paksimadas, Angelos Synadakis, Ioanna Tzika, Evangelos Tsiouras, Georgios Chalvatzakis



President: Vicky Papadimitriou

Members: Makis Ananiadis, Tasos Georgantzis, Maria Dialyna, Konstantinos Koulouzakis, Kelly Mimikopoulou, Andy Panagiotidou, Lenio Papantonopoulou, Stellina Trioanou



President: Konstatinos Plastiras
Members: Antonis Godis, Iordanis Zafeiriadis, Stathis Amanatidis, Antonis Tournas, Kimon Dimitriou



General Manager: Vasileios Ioannou
Administrative Support and Development Department / Head: Ath. Mpegkas
Marketing & Communication, Fundraising Department / Head: Chr. Giasimaki
Programs and Branches Operation Department / Head: Dim. Pappas
Kalamaria Branch / Head: M. Charalampidou
Asvestochori Branch / Head: M. Datseri
Executive & New Volunteer Training Department, International Relations / Head: E. Symeonidou
Education Department / Head: D. Zikopoulou
Action & Social Contribution Department / Head: Ar. Tzoni
Sport & Sports Center Department / Head: Dim. Karaiskos
Basketball Museum / Head: Elefth. Theodoroudi


CELEBRATION VISUAL IDENTITY: Semiotik Design Agency (SDA) | Dimitris Koliadimas

VIDEO SPOT: Chara Iakovidou, Motion Graphics Designer